Scholarships in the GSE

Philanthropic support for the GSE totaled over $222,000 in 2011-12. Your $103,000 in gifts to scholarships supported 47 future teachers and counselors.

The impact of your support
Scholarships provide important support, not only for the student recipients, but for the individuals impacted by these students in their career, who in turn shape our community.

In the words of one GSE counselor education scholarship recipient, “One of my professors once said that he would not be in this field if he did not truly believe that we are all ‘beckoned to wholeness.’ I will remember his words with each client I work with. I believe that each individual and each family system can become more whole through the counseling process.”

Thank you for your generous support of GSE students!

2012-13 Scholarship awards in the Graduate School of Education

(Listed by scholarship, for an alphabetical list of scholarship recipients go here)

Ames Scholars Graduate School of Education Scholarship: Aaron Gomez, Hoai Le, Olman Valentin Sandoval, Nicole Elaine Singleton, Art Terry Scholars’ Fund: Hilary Meadow Gray

Benenson Scholarship: Nicole Elaine Singleton

Capps Family Scholarship: Shannon Lee D’Aurora, Nelly Noemi Patino- Cabrera

Curriculum and Instruction: Graduate Teacher Education (GTEP) and Bilingual Teacher Pathways (BTP) Scholarship: Lindsey Hogue Walsh

David and Wilma Cox Science Education Scholarship: David Lewis Stroup

Eleanor Hardt Memorial Endowed Scholarship in Teacher Education: April Rose Castillo, Jennifer Annette Meyers, Jane Rebecca Porras

Founder’s Endowment in Special Education: Brian Christopher Granse

Friends of the GSE Scholarship: Heather Mahan, Carissa Nicole Messina, Sharon Pill-Kahan Tawnya Redding

Gayle Thieman Scholarship: (unpublished)

Graduate School of Education Scholarship: Emily Berry, Edgar Fabian Frias, Luis Emmanuel Hunter Garcia, Hilary Meadow Gray, Ozlem Kesik, Kirk Lee, Harold Jerome McNaron, Sada Alexandra Munaro, Virginia Ngilmau Luka,  Alaura Megan Seidl, Olivia Louise Webster, Li Xiang

Janette Drew Endowed Scholarship: Shannon Lee D’Aurora, Hannah Leah Lizio-Katzen, Doreen Cline Broderick, Jessica Ruth Jaeger, Megan Nichole Borgelt, Faylao Chao, Jennie Claire Ehrenhalt, Abigail Joy Lynn, Jessica Noel Porter, Hailey Marie Vann, Connie Young Chong, Skye Shyan Hanna, Matthew Reed Taylor

Sandy Kaplan Scholarship: Carissa Nicole Messina

Jorgenson Family Endowed Scholarship Payout: Jennifer Annette Meyers

Larson Scholarship: Thea Christine Appleton, Justin T Ryland

Marilyn DeVault Scholarship: Casey Michael Bartlett

Marta and Ken Thrasher Scholarship: Olman Valentin Sandoval, Nicole Elaine Singleton

Mary E. York Scholarship for Early Childhood Education: Jennifer Annette Meyers

Michael and Marjorie Fiasca Endowed Scholarship: Tymon Robert Emch

Gilles Endowed Scholarship: Sharon Pill-Kahan, Tenzin Yangchen

Pi Lambda Theta Scholarship: Allison Paige Trowbridge

Pivotal Scholars Fund for Math/Science Teacher Education: Alex Steinkamp

Saul J. Berch Scholarship: Olman Valentin Sandoval

Sheldon Maron Endowed Scholarship: Thea Christine Appleton

Special Education Scholarship: Andrew Locke

Alphabetical listing of 2012-13 scholarship recipients by last name:

  • Thea Christine Appleton
  • Casey Michael Bartlett
  • Emily Berry
  • Megan Nichole Borgelt
  • Doreen Cline Broderick
  • April Rose Castillo
  • Faylao Chao
  • Shannon Lee D’Aurora
  • Jennie Claire Ehrenhalt
  • Tymon Robert Emch
  • Edgar Fabian Frias
  • Aaron Gomez
  • Brian Christopher Granse
  • Hilary Meadow Gray
  • Jessica Noel Porter
  • Lindsey Hogue Walsh
  • Skye Shyan Hanna
  • Luis Emmanuel Hunter Garcia
  • Jessica Ruth Jaeger
  • Jennifer Annette Meyers
  • Ozlem Kesik
  • Hoai Le
  • Kirk Lee
  • Andrew Locke
  • Hannah Leah Lizio-Katzen
  • Virginia Ngilmau Luka
  • Abigail Joy Lynn
  • Heather Mahan
  • Harold Jerome McNaron
  • Carissa Nicole Messina
  • Sada Alexandra Munaro
  • Nelly Noemi Patino- Cabrera
  • Sharon Pill-Kahan
  • Jane Rebecca Porras
  • Tawnya Redding
  • Justin T Ryland
  • Olman Valentin Sandoval
  • Alaura Megan Seidl
  • Nicole Elaine Singleton
  • Alex Steinkamp
  • David Lewis Stroup
  • Matthew Reed Taylor
  • Allison Paige Trowbridge
  • Hailey Marie Vann
  • Olivia Louise Webster
  • Makenzie Mae Wright
  • Tenzin Yangchen
  • Connie Young Chong
  • Li Xiang

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