GSE awards 51 scholarships for the 2014-15 year 

Support for GSE scholarships grows
Philanthropic support for the GSE totaled over $2.5 million in fiscal year 2013-14 (which ended June 30, 2014), of which $2.2 million was committed to student support. This compares to the previous year’s total giving of $534,000, with $449,700 for scholarships. In 2012-13, 46 scholarships, totaling about $105,000, were awarded to students. This year, we awarded 51 scholarships, totaling about $175,000 to support future teachers and counselors.

Scholarships impact futures
Scholarships provide important support, not only for the student recipients, but for the many individuals whose lives these students will impact throughout their careers.

In the words of one GSE scholarship recipient, “I hope to bring social awareness into the classroom, to foster students who are good world citizens and are equipped with the tools to address the inequalities both in the global sphere and in their own backyard.”

Thanks to those of you who generously support GSE scholarships!

2014 GSE scholarship recipients
As of 7/31/14

  • Ames Scholars in the Graduate School of Education—Celina Guzman and Trevor Phillips
  • Art Terry Scholars’ Fund—Chennettee Jelleberg
  • Benenson Scholarship—Caresse Fossey
  • Brakke-Daggett-Petti Family Educational Leadership Endowed Scholarship—Erin Miles
  • Capps Family Scholarship—Justin Godoy and Kristin Murray
  • David and Wilma Cox Endowed Science Education Scholarship—Anton Clifford
  • David Capuzzi Outstanding Scholar Program Endowment—Dhara Sheth
  • Eleanor Hardt Memorial Scholarship in Teacher Education—Rhiannon Sawtelle
  • Elva Coombs Endowed Scholarship—Sean Fullerton
  • Founders Endowment in Special Education Scholarship—Kaitlin Nugent
  • Friends of the Graduate School of Education Scholarship—Jessica Craft, Maitreyee Desai, Amos Dunlap, Amelia Gilbertson
  • Gayle Thieman Scholarship—Lindsey Spadoni
  • Gilles Scholarship Endowment—Merri Lee Gonsalves
  • Graduate School of Education Scholarship—Ana Eguren and Daniel Keller
  • Hanoch Livneh Rehabilitation Counseling Scholarship—Christopher Perry
  • Jorgensen Family Endowed Scholarship—Maria Bar
  • Janette Drew Endowed Scholarship—Jane Albertson, Anton Clifford, Michelle Kutter, Forest Menke-Thielman, and Christy Zeringue
  • Judy Cohen Memorial Endowed Award—Hillary Meisenheimer
  • Keith and Paula Stanovich Scholarship—Morgan Whitney
  • Marilyn DeVault Scholarship—Kristin Murray
  • Marta and Ken Thrasher Scholarship—Darren Beene and Ian Rolfe-Redding
  • Mary E. York Scholarship for Early Childhood Education—Evelyn Hinds
  • McBride Scholarship—Ruby Brunk
  • Michael and Marjorie Fiasca Endowed Scholarship—Jessica Craft
  • Nancy Benson Scholarship—Hannah Goldberg
  • Pivotal Scholars Fund for Math/Science Teacher Education—Darren Beene
  • Renaissance Foundation Graduate School of Education Scholarship—Patricia Banka, Jai Blair, Janelle Constanza, Alexis Daley, MaryAnn Gaudreault, Elizabeth Ghiz, Michelle Hilton, Katie Lewis, Huidian Peng, Emily Stewart, Kaitlin Thurheimer, and Rochelle Zekmeister
  • Sheldon Maron Endowed Scholarship—Kelly Gill
  • Special Education Scholarship—Joy Nowak

Alphabetical list of 2014-15 scholarship recipients

  • Jane Albertson
  • Patricia Banka
  • Maria Bar
  • Darren Beene
  • Jai Blair
  • Ruby Brunk
  • Anton Clifford
  • Janelle Constanza
  • Jessica Craft
  • Alexis Daley
  • Maitreyee Desai
  • Amos Dunlap
  • Ana Eguren
  • Caresse Fossey
  • Sean Fullerton
  • MaryAnn Gaudreault
  • Elizabeth Ghiz
  • Amelia Gilbertson
  • Kelly Gill
  • Justin Godoy
  • Hannah Goldberg
  • Merri Lee Gonsalves
  • Celina Guzman
  • Michelle Hilton
  • Evelyn Hinds
  • Karla Hoggard
  • Chennettee Jelleberg
  • Daniel Keller
  • Michelle Kutter
  • Katie Lewis
  • Hillary Meisenheimer
  • Forest Menke-Thielman
  • Erin Miles
  • Kristin Murray
  • Joy Nowak
  • Kaitlin Nugent
  • Huidian Peng
  • Chritopher Perry
  • Trevor Phillips
  • Ian Rolfe-Redding
  • Rhiannon Sawtelle
  • Dhara Sheth
  • Lindsey Spadoni
  • Emily Stewart
  • Kaitlin Thurheimer
  • Morgan Whitney
  • Rochelle Zekmeister
  • Christy Zeringue

Congratulations, GSE scholarship recipients!

Support GSE scholarships

Everyone can help provide a strong start for our community’s next generation of educators and counselors. Your GSE scholarship gift will help an aspiring teacher or counselor on the path to their career, where they will make a real difference in the lives of thousands of individuals.

To support GSE scholarships, make a gift online or contact Jaymee Jacoby, GSE Director of Development, 503-725-4789 or



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