GSE awards over $300,000 in scholarship funding for 2016–17

Scholarship recipients

GSE scholarship recipients, left to right: Huidian Peng, Jayme Causey, Aria Benner, Dana Gieszler


GSE awards more scholarships

[August 2016]   Philanthropic support for the Graduate School of Education (GSE) totaled more than $1.1 million in fiscal year 2016 (which ended June 30). Of this, over $400,000 was committed to student support, much of it as planned or endowed gifts for scholarships. The GSE is proud to be supporting future teachers and counselors with 80 scholarship awards for the 2016–17 academic year, totaling $339,552. The number of awards has nearly tripled in four years, from 46 in 2013 to 120 in 2016.

Scholarships impact futures

Scholarships provide important support, not only for the student recipients but for the many individuals whose lives these future educators, administrators, and counselors will impact throughout their careers.

In the words of Jason Ramos, recipient of a Renaissance Foundation Graduate School of Education Scholarship and Benenson Scholarship: “The better educated the younger generations are, the better the quality of life will be for all people because each child will have more to contribute to the society they live in…Teaching is a social justice career, and education is the most important tool an individual can have for the betterment of themselves and the society they live in.”

Thanks to those of you who generously support GSE scholarships!

2016–17 GSE recipients by scholarship

As of 8/5/2016

  • Ames Scholars Graduate School of Education Scholarship: Phillip Clarke, Stacie Tew
  • Karin H. Bausenbach, MD Scholarship in Interpersonal Neurobiology: Alison Mostue, Alyse Berning, Beth Caldwell, Fawn McCool, Gina Purl, Jennifer Wushke, Lunden Abelson, Maureen Lowell, Roman Velasquez, Sarah Goldhammer
  • Benenson Scholarship: Jason Ramos
  • Nancy Benson Scholarship: Aria Benner
  • Brakke-Daggett-Petti Family Educational Leadership Endowed Scholarship: Myrna Salinas
  • Capps Family Scholarship: Stefania Ramirez-Velazquez
  • David Capuzzi Outstanding Scholar Program Award: Genevieve Dash
  • Thomas A. Chambers Endowed Scholarship: Hannah Abusneineh
  • Elva Coombs Endowed Scholarship: Alison Casey
  • David and Wilma Cox Science Education Scholarship: Nathan Fletcher
  • Marilyn DeVault Scholarship: Megan Larrabee, Mischa Wilebski
  • Janette Drew Endowed Scholarship: Sindy Avila Gutierrez, Philip Clark, Alexander Diaz-Hui, Victor Morales, Eugene Smith
  • Helen Farrens Library/Media Scholarship: Catherine Tucker
  • Michael and Marjorie Fiasca Endowed Scholarship: Peter Orzali
  • Founders Endowment in Special Education: Alison Casey
  • Friends of the Graduate School of Education Scholarship: Tanja Pick, Josue Rodriguez, Franklin-High Shauna, Vanessa Wallace
  • Norbert Gilles Scholarship: Francisco Garcia, Daniel Guenther, Morgan Lind
  • Graduate School of Education Scholarship: Sabrina Ersland, Whitney Gallup, Hoang Nguyen, Thomas Wallek
  • GSE Student Emergency Fund: Audrey Humphrey
  • GSE Teacher Pathways Scholarship: Alexander Diaz-Hui, Tran Nguyen, Eugene Smith
  • Eleanor Hardt Memorial Endowed Scholarship in Teacher Education: Valerie Crosby
  • Betty and Larry Hittle Endowed Scholarship: Katherine Schwartz
  • Grace Hobbs Memorial Endowment: Amelia Russell
  • The Robert and Normandie Holmes Endowed Scholarship for Fine and Performing Arts Education: Holly Osborne
  • Mary Kinnick PACE Scholarship: Emmanuel Macias, Megan Wills
  • Bill and Ricky Korach Graduate Teacher Education Endowed Scholarship: Miranda Schmidt
  • Wayne Larson Scholarship: Rebecca Frick, Amelia Russell, Nathan Whitby
  • Hanoch Livneh Rehabilitation Counseling Scholarship: Grey Wiltshire
  • Sheldon Maron Endowed Scholarship: Amelia Russell
  • McBride Scholarship: Joseph Cornett, Dane Mahi
  • Pivotal Scholars Fund for Math/Science Teacher Education David Shiryayev, Avantika Thareja
  • Renaissance Foundation Graduate School of Education Scholarship: Adriana Mendoza, Nicole Chipman, Daniel Guenther, Samiha Masmoudi, Mohamed Mohamed, Nasteha Mohamed, Tran Nguyen, Jason Ramos, Josue Rodriguez, Jose Salinas, David Shiryayev, Stacie Tew
  • Residency Fellows BTP & GTEP Scholarship: Layla Ali, Angela Bonilla, Leslie Braaten, Adith Busetto, Li-Ching Chiu, Shinobu Chrisman, Ana Chuc-Garcia, Valerie Crosby, Lugwig Diaz Montenegro, Alfredo Duque, Gabriela Garcia, Madiha Guezguez, Jay Housgard, Maria Lee-Lopez, Sylvia Liao, Viviana Lopez-Burgos, Frankie Mac, Sandra Machado, Ayako March, Venus Marrooquin, Hannah Maurer, Marieta McCormack, Elena Miller, Nasteha Mohamed, Brenda Morales Galicia, Wesme Pila Beltran, Christopher Ramos, Silvia Rendon, Ana Rodriguez, Sanaa Saifan, Yuki Sakai, Geiner Vindas-Obando, Stephen White, Kindra Young de Gomez, Kedin Zapeta, Xiaolan Zhang
  • Keith and Paula Stanovich Scholarship: Aria Benner, Kendall Flori
  • Art Terry Scholars’ Fund: Joshua Kanagy
  • Gayle Thieman Scholarship: Tran Nguyen
  • Marta and Ken Thrasher Scholarship: Grace Rogan, Amanda Toma
  • Dilafruz Williams Leadership for Sustainability Education Scholarship: Phirun Meach
  • Mary E. York Scholarship for Early Childhood Education: Maarja Trujillo


Congratulations, GSE scholarship recipients!

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