GSE awards over $180,000 in scholarship funding for 2015–16

graduationSupport for GSE scholarships grows

Philanthropic support for the Graduate School of Education (GSE) totaled more than $2.4 million in fiscal year 2015 (which ended June 30). Of this, almost $1.6 million was committed to student support, much of it as planned or endowment gifts for scholarships. The GSE is proud to be supporting future teachers and counselors with 54 scholarship awards made for the 2015–16 academic year, totaling $183,250. The average award has nearly doubled from $1,700 in 2012 to $3,339 in 2015.

Scholarships impact futures

Scholarships provide important support, not only for the student recipients but for the many individuals whose lives these future educators, administrators, and counselors will impact throughout their careers.

In the words of one GSE scholarship recipient, “I know the Graduate Teacher Education Program at PSU will be my launch pad as I pursue this goal, and your generous contribution to my education serves as more than a financial boost; it is a vote of confidence to make a daily impact on the young minds that I will one day have the privilege to teach.”

Thanks to those of you who generously support GSE scholarships!

2015–16 GSE recipients by scholarship (as of 7/15/2015)

  • Ames Scholars in the Graduate School of Education: Kendall Flori, Scott Mayes
  • Benenson Scholarship: Amelia Gilbertson
  • Brakke-Daggett-Petti Family Educational Leadership Endowed Scholarship: Laura Murray
  • Capps Family Scholarship: Aria Benner
  • Curriculum and Instruction/BTEP/ETP Scholarship: Angela Kastrava
  • Elva Coombs Endowed Scholarship: Alison Casey
  • David and Wilma Cox Endowed Science Education Scholarship: Christina Cone
  • Culturally Responsive Mathematics Education Scholarship: Chris Paff
  • Janette Drew Endowed Scholarship: Vanessa Bravo-Medina, Marina Favuzzi, Alisa Goo, James Kirszenbaum, Giordano Pena
  • Michael and Marjorie Fiasca Endowed Scholarship: Emily Armgardt
  • Founders Endowment in Special Education Scholarship: Martha Wiemers
  • Friends of the Graduate School of Education Scholarship: Michelle Kutter, Chris Paff, Ashley Seeger, LeDung Tran
  • Gilles Scholarship Endowment: Theresa Just
  • Graduate School of Education Scholarship: Dana Gieszler, Amelia Gilbertson, LeDung Tran
  • Eleanor Hardt Memorial Scholarship in Teacher Education: Kelley Lawson, Shelley Short
  • Betty and Larry Hittle Endowed Scholarship: Christina Cone
  • Jorgensen Family Endowed Scholarship: Evan MacKay
  • Mary Kinnick PACE Scholarship: Jennifer McBratney, Anna Vetter
  • Susan J. Lenski Curriculum and Instruction Dissertation Endowed Scholarship: Sandra Duty
  • Hanoch Livneh Rehabilitation Counseling Scholarship: Stephanie DeKar
  • Sheldon Maron Endowed Scholarship: Alexandra Smith
  • GSE Teacher Pathways Scholarship: Joel Adams, Rachel Hess, Minori Taya
  • Pivotal Scholars Fund for Math/Science Teacher Education: Lindsay Brown, Michael Reardon
  • Renaissance Foundation Graduate School of Education Scholarship: Omar Casillas, Jayme Causey, MaryAnn Gaudreault, Sarah Hersey, Abbie Moore, Presence O’Neal, Rosa Sotelo-Dominguez, Heidi Whitehouse
  • Art Terry Scholars’ Fund: Dana Gieszler
  • Gayle Thieman Scholarship: Philip Clarke
  • Marta and Ken Thrasher Scholarship: Amelia Gilbertson, Lindsey Spadoni
  • Dilafruz Williams Leadership for Sustainability Education Scholarship: Christine Obille
  • Mary E. York Scholarship for Early Childhood Education: Rhiannon Sawtelle

Alphabetical list of 2015–16 GSE scholarship recipients

  • Joel Adams
  • Emily Armgardt
  • Aria Benner
  • Vanessa Bravo-Medina
  • Lindsay Brown
  • Alison Casey
  • Omar Casillas
  • Jayme Causey
  • Philip Clarke
  • Christina Cone
  • Stephanie DeKar
  • Sandra Duty
  • Marina Favuzzi
  • Kendall Flori
  • MaryAnn Gaudreault
  • Dana Gieszler
  • Amelia Gilbertson
  • Alisa Goo
  • Sarah Hersey
  • Rachel Hess
  • Theresa Just
  • Angela Kastrava
  • James Kirszenbaum
  • Michelle Kutter
  • Kelley Lawson
  • Evan MacKay
  • Scott Mayes
  • Jennifer McBratney
  • Abbie Moore
  • Laura Murray
  • Christine Obille
  • Presence O’Neal
  • Chris Paff
  • Giordano Pena
  • Michael Reardon
  • Rhiannon Sawtelle
  • Ashley Seeger
  • Shelley Short
  • Alexandra Smith
  • Rosa Sotelo-Dominguez
  • Lindsey Spadoni
  • Minori Taya
  • LeDung Tran
  • Anna Vetter
  • Heidi Whitehouse
  • Martha Wiemers

Congratulations, GSE scholarship recipients!

Support GSE scholarships

Everyone can help provide a strong start for our community’s next generation of educators and counselors. Your GSE scholarship gift will help aspiring teachers or counselors on the path to their careers, where they will make a real difference in the lives of thousands of individuals.

To support GSE scholarships, make a gift online or contact Jaymee Jacoby, GSE director of development at 503-725-4789 or

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