P20 Initiative launches primary report

As outlined in the January 2010 GSE newsletter, the P20, or ‘Cradle to Career Initiative,’ has been in the beginning stages of development this year. (See Jan 2010 GSE news). Stakeholders from preK12 schools, businesses, social service agencies, community organizations and higher education have been involved in working on a strategy to align efforts to successfully move individuals from birth to eventual employment. Committees will be gathering data on social and academic factors impacting the movement from cradle to carrier, which will inform and focus the project’s leaders on next steps. On November 4, a report will be published that will be an ever-changing foundational document for moving the initiative forward.

The new Cradle to Career Initiative is part of a 10 university/city network across the country focused on bringing universities into more positive strategic relationships with the cities they serve.
Five goals for the Portland-metro Cradle to Career Initiative have been identified. All students will:

Goal 1 – Be prepared for school
Goal 2 – Be supported in and out of school
Goal 3 – Succeed academically
Goal 4 – Enroll in postsecondary education or career training
Goal 5 – Graduate and enter a career

Cradle to Career is one of President Wiewel’s initiatives. The GSE has been helping to initiate this project. Partners include the Leaders Roundtable, the Portland mayor’s office, the Multnomah County chair’s office, United Way and the Coalition of Urban Serving Universities. While the GSE has been instrumental in initiating the beginning stages of the project, it is anticipated that future involvement for the school will move into development of data resources and research work in order to facilitate additional strategies for the ongoing project.

2009-10 Annual Report | Contents

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