Message from the dean

Randy Hitz

If we are to maintain and improve our standard of living, we must do a better job preparing our children and young people for work and for healthy productive living. That means better education for all children and serious leadership for change.

We know that the most important factor in education is the quality of teaching and school leadership and, since we are responsible for preparing teachers and school leaders, we have an especially significant responsibility to lead change. The Graduate School of Education is leading as we seek to improve our teaching, our service to the community, and the research we do to add to the knowledge base.

Our leadership is multifaceted, but what is most important is our engagement with our partners in the field. All educators must work together to learn from one another and to collaborate in improving our work at all levels. The problems of education are shared by all of us and the solutions lie in our collective wisdom, perseverance, and hard work.

This annual report of the Graduate School of Education is but a snapshot of some of the ways we work with the community to improve education and social services. Through these efforts we operationalize PSU’s powerful motto, “Let knowledge serve the city.” This motto is not meant to imply that those of us in higher education have the answers and that we need simply share those answers with the community. Rather, it means that we need to work closely with community partners to learn together to create positive change. In the field of education we have a constant flow of ideas among our students, faculty and community partners and, as you will see in this annual report, we are learning and leading change together. In that spirit we thank you for taking the time to learn about our work and we welcome your comments.

Randy Hitz, dean

2009-10 Annual Report | Contents

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