GSE students receive over $100,000 in scholarships and awards (2009-2010)

Thirty-nine GSE students earned scholarships awarded through private gifts totaling $79,500. An additional twenty-two competitive awards were made from public funds that totaled $33,000 plus tuition support.

Natalia Acuna—Teach for Diversity Scholarship, $1,000
Scott Aronson—Benenson Scholarship, $2,000
Viktoriya Asabin—Teach for Diversity Scholarship, $1,000
Meriba Ascencio—Fred Thompson Scholarship, $1,000
Nicole Ayala—Oregon Laurels Graduate Scholarship, tuition remission
Daleena Blair—Marta and Ken Thrasher Scholarship, $2,000; Friends of the GSE Scholarship, $1,000
Timothy Bradley—Janette Drew Endowed Scholarship, $3,000; Teach for Diversity Scholarship, $2,000
Abby Braeckel—Janette Drew Endowed Scholarship, $3,000
Lacy Cagle—GSE Scholarship, $1,000
Jennifer Callow—Ames Scholar, $5,000
Jesse Cannelos—Ames Scholar, $5,000
Anna Capacci—Founders Endowment in Special Education, $1,000; Friends of the GSE Scholarship, $1,000; Special Education Scholarship, $500
Christina Capuzzi—Teach for Diversity Scholarship, $3,000
Sarah Casaletto—Norbert Gilles Endowed Scholarship, $1,500; Sheldon Maron Endowed Scholarship, $1,000; Marta and Ken Thrasher Scholarship, $1,950; Teach for Diversity Scholarship, $2,000
Vanessa Ceccarelli—GSE Scholarship, $1,000
Christopher Cook—Jorgensen Family Endowed Scholarship, $1,400
Kathleen Coolman—Capps Family Scholarship, $1,000; Sandy Kaplan Scholarship, $1,000
Darcy Davidson—Ames Pathway Scholarship, $2,000; Eleanor Hardt Memorial Endowed Scholarship, $1,000
Melissa Donnini—Curriculum and Instruction / GTEP/BTP Scholarship, $1,000
Mark Duyck—Mary Kinnick PACE Scholarship, $1,000
Jessica Flores—Teach for Diversity Scholarship, $1,000
Sarah Gaither—GSE Scholarship, $1,000
Patricia Garcia-Gallardo—Teach for Diversity Scholarship, $3,000
Dora Godinez—Teach for Diversity Scholarship, $2,500
Daniel Gola—Wayne Larson Endowed Scholarship, $1,500
Jennifer Goslin—GSE Scholarship, $1,000
Rosina Hardy—Eleanor Hardt Memorial Endowed Scholarship, $1,000
Kaitlin Howell—Barbara Ann Kisinger Scholarship for Elementary Education, $1,000
Tracy Kosmecki—Ames Scholar, $5,000; Teach for Diversity Scholarship, $1,000
Patrick Kreipe—Friends of the GSE Scholarship $1,000
Ann Licurse—Helen Farrens Library Media Scholarship, $4,400
Hong Liu—Teach for Diversity Scholarship, $3,000
Elissa Lockman Turner—Joe Kaplan Scholarship, $1,000
Sarah Lundy—Oregon Laurels Graduate Scholarship, tuition remission
Dana McArthur-Maggard—Eleanor Hardt Memorial Endowed Scholarship, $1,000; Sandy Kaplan Scholarship, $1,000
Kimberly McCoy—Teach for Diversity Scholarship, $1,000
Patrick Milligan—Teach for Diversity Scholarship, $1,000
Travis Morgan—Teach for Diversity Scholarship, $3,000
Olivia Murray—GSE Scholarship, $1,000
Rockwell Near—Ames Scholar, $5,000
Ian Niktab—Teach for Diversity, $1,500
Jessica Pierce—Friends of the GSE Scholarship, $1,000
Treasure Porth—Oregon Laurels Graduate Scholarship, tuition remission
Rosemary (Katy) Relaford—Friends of the GSE Scholarship, $1,000
Rosalia Rincon—Teach for Diversity Scholarship, $1,000
Martha Rodriguez—Eleanor Hardt Memorial Endowed Scholarship, $1,000
Guadalupe Rubio—Teach for Diversity Scholarship, $1,000
Virginia Sanchez—Mary Kinnick PACE Scholarship, $1,000
Alissa Singletary—Eleanor Hardt Memorial Endowed Scholarship, $1,000
Hailee Smith—Elva Coombs Endowed Scholarship, $1,000
Jodie Thiel—GSE Scholarship, $1,000
LeDung Nguyen Tran—Ames Scholar, $5,000
Olga Volnycheva—Teach for Diversity Scholarship, $2,000
Haley Weiner—Art Terry Scholars, $500
Marrla Wilkinson—Janette Drew Endowed Scholarship, $3,000
Lana Wright—Teach for Diversity Scholarship, $2,000
Hye Jung Yang—GSE Scholarship, $1,000; Teach for Diversity Scholarship, $3,000

Jeffrey Knoblich—Carol and Larry Burden Endowed Student Recognition Award

Other PSU scholarships
Adela Genoves—Robert Noyce Scholarship
Patrick Kreipe—Robert Noyce Scholarship
Rockwell Near—Robert and Rosemary Low Memorial Scholarship, $1,500
Adam Smith—Robert Noyce Scholarship
Stephanie Van Raden—Robert Noyce Scholarship
Haley Weiner—Peer Mentor Scholarship
Heaven Woods—Annie Spencer Scholarship $3,000

You too can help future generations. For more information or assistance on planned giving, or to set up a named scholarship, contact Sandy Wiscarson, 503-725-4789.

2009-10 Annual Report | Contents

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