GSE students devote thousands of hours to the community

Impact on the community
Each year, hundreds of GSE students devote thousands of hours to the community. They are not only practicing their skills, but also are helping the most vulnerable citizens in our community. While the largest group (Graduate Teacher Education Program and special education students teachers) is placed in schools, many also intern in social service and government agencies. The hours delineated below are based solely on the requirements for GSE programs; they do not include additional hours people provide at their student teaching/internship site or any outside volunteer work students have performed in the community or as requirements for other PSU classes.

Practicum/student teaching/internship placement hours for 2009-10
Graduate Teacher Education Program: estimated minimum of 168,000 hours annually
Added endorsements and authorizations: estimated minimum of 6,100 hours annually
Special education: estimated minimum of 100,600 hours annually
School counseling: estimated minimum of 20,000 hours annually
Educational leadership: estimated minimum of 45,000 hours annually
Library media: estimated minimum of 2,400 hours annually
Counselor education: estimated minimum of 4,800 practicum hours and 28,800 Internship hours for a total of 33,600 annually
Total hours of service to our community is an estimated minimum of: 375,700 hours annually.

2009-10 Annual Report | Contents

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