Gifts to the GSE 2009-2010

The Graduate School of Education is grateful to all its generous supporters.

Honor Roll of donors—lifetime cumulative gifts of $25,000 and above

Barbara and Gary Ames, Ames Family Foundation
Wilna Anderson
Alexander Benenson
Carol and Larry Burden
Carnegie Corporation of New York
Janette Drew, Janette G Drew Trust
Estate of Fred Thompson
Michael and Marjorie Fiasca
Gray Family Fund, Oregon Community Foundation
Ulrich Hardt
Hewlett-Packard Company Foundation
Intel Corporation
Harold and Joan Jorgensen
Jane and Robert Morrow
Oregon Writing Festival
Portland Association of School Librarians from estate of Helen Farrens
Spencer Foundation
The Boeing Company
The David Kimmel Foundation
The Oregon Community Foundation
Marta and Kenneth Thrasher
Mary Elizabeth York

The following alumni, faculty, staff, friends, associations, corporations and foundations made gifts to the school from July 1, 2009 through June 30, 2010.

Dean’s Circle, Platinum

Barbara and Gary Ames, Ames Family Foundation
Intel Corporation
Mary York

Dean’s Circle, Gold

American Cancer Society
Estate of William Gordon
Ulrich Hardt
Marta and Kenneth Thrasher

Dean’s Circle, Silver

David and Celia Capuzzi
Jane and Robert Morrow

Dean’s Circle, Bronze

J C Milne Real Properties
Janine Allen and Ernest Ogard
Alexander Benenson
Roger and Jan Capps
Charles Clemans and Nancy Hungerford
Joseph Kaplan and Betsy Davenport
Colin and Patricia Dunkeld
Jonah Edelman
Jacob Hacker and Oona Hathaway
Randy and Lynn Hitz
Harold and Joan Jorgensen
Virginia and Arthur Kayser
Cheryl and Hanoch Livneh
Frederick Miller and Karla Wenzel
Piece of Cake, Inc., Marilyn DeVault
Charles Smith
Richard and Joann Sonnen
Paula and Keith Stanovich
Gayle and Donald Thieman
Anna Mae and Michael W Tichy
Mary Kinnick and Mary Beth VanCleave
Sandra Wiscarson

Dean’s Circle, Builder

Nancy Benson
Scott and Bridget Dawson
Robert and Shelley Everhart
Les and Nancy Fahey
Michael and Marjorie Fiasca
Steve and Mary Brannan
Linda and Eugene Holt
Ellie and Dean Justice
Steven Kingsley
Richard and Adela Knight
Stephanie McBride
N By NE Health Center
David Sampsell
Bruce and Nancy Samson
Joy Spalding
Stephanie Wahab
David and Nolene Wheeler
Wim and Alice Wiewel
Peter and Jo Ann Wight

ConnectorUp to $499

Gary Albright
Marlene and Mark Cvetko
Davis Enterprises Inc.
Amy Driscoll
Berrin Erdogan
Maureen Fallt
Leeza Maron and James Greenblatt
Kristi Hace
Betty and Larry Hittle
Richard Hobbs
Loren and Martha Hotchkiss
Alison Justice
Sybil Kelley
Merle and John Kovash
Jane and Calvin Malmquist
Gail Maron
Gregory and Sonya Morgansen
Gail Parnell
William Parnell
Philip and Laura Pridmore-Brown
Miriam Reshotko and Lee Gordon
George and Claire Rives
Gary and Jean Salyers
Levonne Sedgwick
Joanne and Richard Shipley
John and Katie Spathas
Richard and Joan Swee
The Tomodachi Foundation

Supporter – Up to $249

Sharron Akins
Rebecca Albright
Kim Allen
Jamie and Michael Anderson
John Anderson
Judy and James Arbogast
Candy and George Armstrong
Benjamin and Paula Arthur
Linda Atiyeh Anderson and Rainse Anderson
Ruthann and James Audritsh
Sharon Baker
Anne Bayer-Tessler and Steven Tessler
Ronald and LaRae Bogh
James Booth
Tony Bornstein
Paula and Robert Bowlby
Donna and L. Brady
Susan Brown
Elaine Carlson
Christine Chaille’
Carol Chislett
Richard and Heide Cole
Sheila Couey
Stephan and Dolores Cragg
Carol and Michael Daley
Edward and Sally Daly
Jennifer Darlington
Margery Davies
Linda DeVries
Denise and Mark Downing
Edna and Lawrence Easter
Nancy Falconer
Kevin Gardner
Trina and Dan Gardner
Susan Gerritz
Jeremy Geschwind
Eloise Gibson
Stephan Gilchrist
Elizabeth and Willis Gill
Sandra and Earl Gjelde
J. Arden Godshall
Carol Greene
Marsha and Michael Gustkey
Marjorie and Gilbert Gwilliam
Melanie and Mark Hambelton
Katherine Hasenauer
Ruth and Paul Herrington
Betty Hirsch
Penney and Lester Hoodenpyle
James Huntsman
Ann Hutchinson
Stephen Isaacson
Dirk and Gayla Iwata-Reuyl
Mary Jackson
Betsy Jeronen
Andrew and Julie Job
Rick Johnson
Jean and Richard Josephson
Nancy Kardonsky
Helen and Richard Keagle
Maureen Kenny
Dianna and Gene Laughlin
Arnold and Claudia Leppert
Lincoln Beach Thriftway
Nancy and Christopher Longaker
Elaine and Kenneth Mattson
Sarah and John Mazzocco
Jean McCloskey
Sandra McCune
Sean and Ashlee McCusker
Jane McGraw
Douglas McKillips
Marietta Miick
Henry Milczuk
James Miller
Carol and John Mitchell
Earl Molander and Ann Bremer
Mary and Christopher Moller
Suzanne and Kevin Moore
Clarence and Dorothy Morgan
Leslie and Thomas Munson
Ronald Narode and Sarah Cleveland
Paul Nelson
Peggy and Robert Nitschke
Cecilia Nowack
Patricia Numrich
Ned and Adele Olson
Maurine and William Otos
Antoinette Parque and Wayne Trantow
Alden Peterson
Lynn and Vernon Peterson
Ronald Petrie
Ronald Plamondon
John Poff and Sharon Russell-Poff
Veda and David Pollack
Karen and Duane Pollard
Susan and Roger Price
David Reese
Leslie Rennie-Hill and Kenton Hill
Trina and Bradley Robertson
Craig and Sue Roessler
Harold and Anna Rosene
Barbara Ruben
Linda and Thomas Samek
Jennifer Samsom
Tom Sargent
Gay and David Schnebly
Gerald and Margaret Scovil
Marion Sharp
Virginia Shipman and Richard Kaiser
Elisa and Earl Slee
Pati Sluys
Kenneth Stedman
Paul Steger and Patricia Ferguson-Steger
Andrew Stern
Charles Steury and Samyak Yamauchi
Carol-Wray Sturgill
Mary Sumoge
Shirley and John Sutton
Gerald Swanson
Terri Theisen and Walter Williamson
Vicki Thomas
Merlynn and Bruce Thompson
Genevieve Tremblay
Susan Ward-McCurdy
Elizabeth and James Wassom
Anne and Philip Wax
Richard West
Jerry and Lucille Wilkins
Catherine Williams
Dilafruz Williams
Christina and Reed Wilson
Maryann Wilson
David Woodford
Joann and Leonard Workman
Gretchen Yost
Helen and Creighton Young
Madeleine and Daniel Zywicki

Friend – Up to $99

Teresa and Bruce Abel
Virginia and Bruce Adams
Marvin Aikens
Susan and John Alin
Linda Allen
Kathryn Alsworth and Michael Sprinker
Janet Amundson
Carla and Paul Anderson
Lu Ann Anderson
Ray and Nancy Annas
Marc Appell
Dixie Arata
Denise Archer
Erin and Enrique Arias
Suzanne and Terry Armentrout
Jennifer Artman
Tara Asai
Janet Baillie
Cindy Baker
Laurence Baldwin
Elaine and Melvyn Ball
Joseph Ballman
Lou and Richard Barela
Donna Barker
Bonnie Bartos
Julie Bauder
Gretchen Berretta
Christina Bialas and Larry Minor
James Bickford
Erline and Larry Binkerd
Elizabeth Binyon
Gregory Bittick
Kathy Black
Jacqueline and John Blalock
Rachel Bliss
Tom and Joanne Board
Alison Bostrom
Teri and Edward Boyatt
Lonnie and June Breninger
Barbara and William Briare
Margie and Gerald Brickley
Carolyn and Buddy Brock
Joanne Brooks-Crutcher
Carol and Robert Bruce
Joanne Bruno
James and Mary Ann Buck
Thomas Buck
Diane and Alan* Budner
Jewel Bundy
Erin Burns
Cheron and Craig Calder
Frances and Richard Cansler
Paula Carder and John Schnabel
Bette Carlisle
Catherine and Craig Carlson
Linda Carpenter
Rowanna Carpenter
Betty Carrithers
Amelia and Michael Caruso
Ellery Castro
Clarion Research, Inc.
Joseph and Linda Clarke
Frederick Clayton
Davene Cohen
Mary and Joel Cohen
Lara Colburn
Lynn Conley
Kathryn Cooper
Shannon Cooper-Campagna and David Campagna
Lisa Craig
Andrea and Randall Crouse
Mary and Michael Davies
Dawn Davis
Gloria Davis
Joanne and Jim Davis
Stephen and Susan Deagle
Martha and Lawrence Decherd
Sandra Detroit
Alodie and Donald Didier
Nancy and W. Diehl
Leonora Dimeo-Ediger and Donald Ediger
Jennifer Doncan
Joyce Dougherty and Patrick Gardner
Allison Dumble Mudrick
Marci Edwards
Kathryn and Garry Eisenzimmer
Debra Elliott
Judith and Randy Emberlin
Andrew Emert
Bonnie and Daniel English
Francene and Stephen English
Pamela and Eric Erickson
Vicki and H. Eustice
Cindy Ewers
Wendy and James Fenner
Sharon Fisk
Kathleen Flanagan
Janet and William Ford
Luanne and Stephen Fordney
Marilyn Forse
Kerry Forsell
Laurie and Roger Fosmark
Bradley Fritts
William and Marlene Fuller
Andrea and Arthur Furber
Cindy Gallegos
Dalton and Nova Garing
Erin Garvin
Chris and Deborah Gaslin
Sandra Geiseman
Shari Gent
Suzanne and Geoffrey Gilmore
Jayne and Rodney Glidewell
Elizabeth and Larry Goble
Yoshimi and Lawrence Golden
Judy and Paul Grauer
Loulie Gray
Edward and Teresa Green
Terri Greenfield
Maralee Greeno
Marcia Gregor Garrick and Osmond Garrick
Amrit and Jagdish Grewal
Teri and Matt Griffin
Paula Gubrud-Howe
Marion Hackman
Evelyn Haertel
Marlene Hagen
Sally and Earl Haggart
Adnan Hamideh
Tercita Hamilton
Eun-Chung Han
Vui Han-Mar
Nancy and Randolph Hansell
Marilyn Hanson
Robert and Peggy Hanson
Mary and Michael Harding
Jane and Darrell Harris
Nora Hatfield
Lynne and Robert Heath
Mary and Daniel Heath
Marsha Heims
Mary and Joseph Henderson
Jean Henry
Robert and Cora Henshaw
Nalota Herms
Gordon and Sandra Hickey
Verna and Ronald Hilburger
I-Pin and Jane Ho
Martha and Stanley Holm
Madeleine and David Holmberg
Monica Honegger
Margaret and Alton Hooten
Christine and Matthew Horne
Heather Hummell
Michael Humphreys
Nancy and Donald Humphries
Crystal Huntington
John Huntsberger
Jonathan Huwe
Wendy and George Inness
Frederick and Mildred Jackson
Marilyn Jackson
Jessica Jacobsen
Jonathan Jeans
Ruth Jensen
Nancy and Philip Johnson
Sue Johnson
Deborah and Bryan Jonathan
Bonnie Jones
Hazel and Gerald Jones
Robin and Wayne Jones
Sharon and Alan Jones
Carolyn Jones Christoferson and Carl Christoferson
Janet Kahn
Daniel and Kathryn Kelleher
Nancy and Thomas Kelly
Viola Kerhoulas
Pamela Kirkaldie
Iris and Russell Kissir
Alice Koenig
Diane and Dirk Koopman
Elizabeth Koshy-Pierson and Paul Pierson
Marietta and Glen Kuykendall
R. Lamb
Ellen and J. Russell Langwig
Annabelle and Bruce Lavier
Janice and William Lee
Jessica Leonard
Diane Lewis and Rex Ratashak
Lewman Vineyard
Gloria and James Linakis
David and Carolyn Lindsey
Richard and Marie Little
Andrew Lockwood
Britt-Mari Lord
Shelley Loring and Spencer Barker
Lucille Lowery
Evelyn and David Lowry
Jesse Lucas
Margaret and John Luccio
Victoria Lunghofer
Arland and Sharon Lyons
Rebecca Macy and James Reynolds
Susan Maksymowicz
Patrick Mangan
Matthew Maris
Laurie Mason
Sheila Mason
Frank Mathews
Terri Mazzilli-Roth
Barbara and Thomas McAllister
Ellen McCarthy
Ruth and Dale McCullough
Sue McGraw
Cheryl and James McGrew
Roberta and Frank McKay
Doris and Robert McQueen
Lowell McVicker and Gertrude Bernstein
Rollee Merrifield Jones and Michael Jones
Emily and Josh Mickelsen
Andre Middleton
Anne Mileham
Mark and Michelle Miller
Winston and Anne Miller
Frances Moga
Sarah Montambo
John and Maureen Moore
Roland Moore
Sherrill and Charles Moore
Marisol Morales-Ohnemus
Jessie and Samuel Morehouse
Anne-Grethe and Major Morris
Betty and Dean Morrison
Ann and Steve Morton
Antoinette and James Mountain
Sharon and George Mowry
Michele and John Mudd
Sandra Mueller
Kent and Kay Mulkins
Hazel and Wallace Murdock
Karen Murphy
Chris Murray
Kyle Nagelmann
Vicki and David Nebel
Barbara Neeley
Glenda and Paul Neerman
Sonia Nelson
Barbara and Jerry Newmark
Matthew Nicely
Seth Niederberger
Pamela and F. Nofziger
Emma Nollette
Marie and Robert Oberg
Mary Oberson
Christy O’Brien
Albert and Eloyce O’Connor
Aina and Michael O’Malley
Harold and Elsie Onishi
Faye Orme
Kathleen Orton
Rebecca Orwoll and James Orwoll-Harris
John and Kazuko Page
Charlotte and Garry Painter
Linda Pardun
Judith Parsons
Julia Partlow
Sam Partovi and Janine Jartovi
Rick and Laure Patrick
Aaron Pearlman and Sacha Reich
Margaret Pedersen and Robert Millette
Theresa and Pat Peick
Barbara and Bill Pennell
Crystal Pillifant
George and Suzette Polas
Jeffrey Powers and Jill Nave
Rica Price
Kathleen Quinley Carlile
Maureen Quinn
Helen Quirino
Carol and Ibrahim Qutub
Paul Rager and Alba Enriquez-Rager
Aaron Ramsey
Esther and E. Reschke
Eli Reshotko
Barbara Rhiger
Margaret Robinson
Marilyn and Kenneth Robinson
Patricia Robinson
Elinore and James Rogers
Jose and Kathleen Romero
David and Kathy Root
Mary and James Rose
Lisa Rosenthal and Leonard Orzol
Barbara Rossi-Underriner and David Underriner
Susan and Kenneth Rossow
Sarah Rowley and Garry Neil
Kelly Russell
Steven and Kathi Saari
Deborah Samuels
Judith Sandoval
Barbara Schiewe-Bolstad
Cynthia Schnabel
Shirley and Michael Schrunk
Jean Scott
Kerri and Gordon Scott
Mairi Scott
Kay and Gregg Seiler
Kimberly Sheridan
Lynne Shinto
Joye Shoemaker
Wanda and Morris Silverman
Bernetta and Michael Simpson
Rosemary Sloop
Silvia Smart
Dale and Leilani Smith
Genevieve and Harold Smith
Ruth Smith
Tammy Smith
Timothy and Paula Smith
Michael Snyder
Brian and Sydette Squire
Margaret St. Pierre-Graves
Morris Stein
Dannelle Stevens
Emily Stevens
Patricia Stewart
Janet Stinson
Juliette Stoering
Stephanie Stokamer
Karen and Michael Strejc
Cynthia and Eric Strid
Donna Strom
Timothy Strom
Richard and Lolita Stuthard
Caroline and Michael Sullivan
Helen and Terry Sutfin
Amy Swanson
Russel and Elaine Sweet
Cary Takara
Jean and Larry Tang
Sandra Tashima
Elizabeth Tate
Jane and Donald Taylor
Wendy Temko
Thais Thomas
Carol and Alan Tipton
Kathleen Tischler
Beverly Tolman
Dennis Torresdal
Leslie Torresdal
Clifford Townsend
Michele Turner
John and Marilyn Ubik
Virginia and Paul Vanture
Amy Veltman
Janice and David Vigna
Sydney Voorhees
Kris Voss-Rothmeier
Heather Walenter
Jane Walgren
Penelope Walter
Julie Watkins
June and Sanford Watzman
Carolyn and Craig Weaver
Ellen and Eric Weeks
Kathleen and Robert Weigant
Delia and John Weinheimer
Peter Weisel
Joan Welch
Jeannine Welding
Charlotte Wells and Doug Kaiser
Jennifer Wells
Kenneth Wenzel
Kristen Wessel
Laura West-Vanderpool and Robert Vanderpool
Elaine Wheeler
Ruth and James Whitcomb
Vera White
Barbara Wiegele
Matthew Wilding
Joanne Wilkie
Teri and Boyd Williams
Alice and Albert Willis
Margaret and David Willis
Thomas and Cheryl Wolbrecht
Loreta and Wilbur Wood
Patricia and Jeffrey Wright
Tracy Wygant
Joseph and Mary Wykowski
Catherine and Charles Wyrick
Judith York

Every effort was made to ensure the accuracy of this list. Please contact the Development Office, 503-725-4789 or email Sandy Wiscarson with any updates.

In-Kind gifts to the GSE

Christine Chaille

In-Kind gifts to Helen Gordon Child Development Center 2010

20/20 for Site, LLC
A Cena Ristorante
Ahearne Cycles
Gary Albright
Amrita: A Sanctuary for Yoga
Annie Bloom’s Books
Denise Archer and Jason Wehling
The Arrangement
Jennifer and Mark Artman
Atomic Art
Beaverton Pizzicato
Blush Beauty Bar
Body Waves Therapy
Tony Bornstein and Robyn Gregory
Kim Brown
Alan Cabelly
Campbell Salgado Studio
Chowderheads, LLC
Close Knit
Elaine Cohen
Dan’s Guide Service
Dirty Blonde Designs
The Dragontree Holistic Day Spa
Eleni’s Philoxenia
Enchanted Forest
Evergreen Curling Club
Mayumi Finley
Foot Traffic
Rebecca and Alan Galloway
Andrea Garza
Georgie’s Ceramic and Clay
Gino’s Restaurant and Bar
Goose Hollow Inn
Lynn Green
Guayaki Sustainable Rainforest Products, Inc.
Gymboree Play and Music
Kevin and Kristi Hace
Jennie Hake
Hall Pizza and Pub
Hall Street Grill
Hart Road Pizza and Pub
Hawthorne Fish House
Headwaters Cafe
Higgins Restaurant and Bar
Hollywood Burger Bar
Hollywood Dance
Hotel Monaco
JC Penney Portraits
Alison Justice
Dean Justice
Ellie Justice
Lan Su Chinese Garden
Laughing Bear Log Cabin
Dr. Peter Leitner, Chiropractic Physician
Lil’ Kickers at Portland Indoor Soccer
Linnea Osterberg, Photographer
Lutra Press
MaBop Designs
Magnum Opus
Scott and Christina Marshall
Sheryl McDonald
McMenamin’s Grand Lodge
Jennifer Mercede
Mimosa Studios
Erin and Scott Mulkins
Nautilus Inc.
Tommy and Maria Navarre and Max Maser
North Clackamas Aquatic Park
Northwest Children’s Theater and School
Old Wives’ Tales
Oregon Children’s Theater
Oregon Coast Aquarium
The Oregon Historical Society
Oregon Shakespeare Festival
Oregon Zoo
Paloma Clothing
Eric Peterson CFI
Pink Martini
Pittock Mansion
Plover Organic
Portland Beavers
The Portland Ballet, Academy and Youth Company
Portland Columbia Symphony Orchestra
Portland Marriott Downtown Waterfront
Portland Nursery
Portland Pilates Collective
Portland Roasting
Portland Rock Gym
Portland Spirit
Portland State University Outdoor Program
Portland Trail Blazers
Portland Youth Philharmonic Association
Belinda Potts
Philip and Laura Pridmore-Brown
PSU Campus Recreation
PSU Transportation and Parking Services
Red Star Tavern and Roast House
Justin Rock
rumi simone spa salon boutique
Saint Cupcake
Michael Santillan
Jodi and Alexander Schoenen
Julie Serote
Phanny Shorey
Signature Imports
Nan Siringer
Smiles Northwest
Soluna Grill
Southwest Community Center
Sky and Itzel Spehar
Studio Blue
Sunset Lanes
Tears of Joy Theater
Laura Torgerson, ND
Thinker Toys
Tillamook County Pioneer Museum
The Title Wave Used Bookstore
Tropical Salvage
Julie Watkins
Kristin Wessel
Jack West
Westside Dance and Gymnastics Academy
Widmer Brothers Brewing Co.
Yellow Rose Texas Barbecue
Yoga Pearl

2009-10 Annual Report | Contents

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