Friends of the GSE

The mission of the Friends group is to support the GSE by building a sense of community and pride through expanding and maintaining connections with alumni and friends. Composed of alumni, retired faculty, and interested community members, the Friends are a non-dues-paying volunteer group that meets four times each year. In partnership with the school, they host events such as PSU Weekend Breakfast Roundtable, Educators Night at the PSU Opera, and the annual stewardship reception for thanking donors and recognizing scholarship recipients. They also volunteer at the school’s academic commencement and give a welcome to the graduates.

For the last eight years, the Friends have raised scholarship funds to support students preparing for teaching careers in the high-need areas of special education, math, science, and/or ESL/bilingual education.

Jane Morrow, current chair of the Friends, describes their work as friend-raising and fund-raising. She says,

“The meetings reinforce our belief in the Graduate School of Education and leave us inspired by the current students and encouraged by the wonderful work of the faculty, who are leading programs that are making a difference in the community.”

Your invitation to join the Friends is always open, and all are invited to learn more about the school by attending meetings or events.

For more information, contact Sandy Wiscarson, Graduate School of Education, PO Box 751, Portland, OR 97207-0751; phone 503-725-4789; or email

2009-10 Annual Report | Contents

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