GSE fundraiser on KGW news

Catherine Marshall

BY: Cathy Marshall, KGW

PSU Students raise money for children in Brazil affected by the Zika virus

PORTLAND, Ore. — News of the Zika threat at the Olympics inspired students at Portland State University to do something for kids in Brazil impacted by the virus.

They’re fundraising to bring a program called Go Baby Go to the country.

“The nonprofit in this country provides specially adapted vehicles to kids with mobility issues,” explained graduate student Hannah Wilson.

The vehicles are basically toy cars that sell for about $200.

In a short amount of time, they can be modified so that a child with physical limitations can operate one.

“My daughter loves her car,” said Katherine Villagomez of Portland, as she watched her 17-month-old daughter Kate. “She can now keep up with her cousins and feel a part of things.”

The PSU students hope to raise $5,000 through a crowdfunding site.

“We want to get Go Baby Go started in Brazil by teaching them how to modify the vehciles,” said Wilson. “Then kids born with microcephaly because of the Zika virus can be helped.”

“If we can get a thousand people to give up the money they would spend on a cup of coffee we’ll reach our goal,” said PSU assistant professor Samuel Sennott.

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