Leadership for Sustainability Education (LSE) students win 2016 PSU awards

Irene BaileyPSU Sustainability Award—Outstanding Student Employee: Irene Bailey 

As a graduate assistant supporting the Student Sustainability Center (SSC) for the last two years, Irene Bailey, a student in the Leadership for Sustainability Education program, has been a role model and inspiration for dozens of PSU students. Her passion for and guidance within sustainability leadership and self-care have permeated the culture of the SSC. Supervisors in the program describe Baily as responsible and responsive, a skilled facilitator, and a dream employee.

Bailey’s enthusiasm for her program at PSU is contagious. She said, “There’s just so many different things happening, and we are impacting so many students at PSU and getting them more integrated with the sustainability efforts on our campus and in Portland. We’ve been able to really incorporate a culture of care.”

Claire LagerweyPSU Community Engagement Award: Claire Lagerwey
All of Claire Lagerwey’s work involves intellectual and academic rigor, as well as service to the University and community.

For nearly two years, Lagerwey has been serving as the lead graduate assistant on an National Science Foundation-funded project entitled Science in the Learning Gardens: Factors that Support Ethnic and Racial Minorities in Low-Income Middle Schools (SciLG). Her contributions to the community through SciLG have been significant, and she has gone above and beyond the expectations of her graduate assistantship.

The main goal of this work is to provide access to high-quality learning experiences for students who have been marginalized in traditional educational systems. No matter what challenges arise, Lagerwey never loses sight of this fundamental goal, and she directly supports students, teachers, and the team of garden educators to ensure kids are getting the best experience possible.

Congratulations to both Irene Bailey and Claire Lagerwey for their excellent work that is being acknowledged and celebrated at the University level! 


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