Professor emeritus Jack Lind passes away

Jack LindA former Graduate School of Education (GSE) faculty member and a co-founder of the Educational Leadership and Policy (ELP) department passed away August 12.

John (Jack) Lind was an alumnus of the University of Montana. He began his career in education as a music teacher and band director, first in Alaska and then Beaverton, Oregon. He was also an accomplished musician who loved to play the violin, horn, and piano. In Beaverton School District, he was the director of administrative services and also served as the first vice principal of Aloha High School.

In 1971, Lind was hired by PSU, along with Errett Hummel and George Timmons, to initiate the GSE’s first school administrator programs, and built a department and a program that are responsible for producing more than 70 percent of Oregon’s school administrators. Lind and his team also worked to create the superintendent’s certificate and the EdD program. He retired from PSU in 1990.

“I first knew Jack when Aloha High School opened [at] the end of the ’60s,” said Jim Carlile, who teaches in the Educational Administrator program. “Jack was the instrumental music teacher and then the curriculum vice principal. I followed him in that administrative position, and Jack was my mentor in preparation for becoming an administrator. I was fortunate to keep in touch as he moved to PSU. I remember Jack and those times very fondly!”

The mix of off-campus educational administration courses developed by Lind in ELP (previously known as EPFA) was paired with an intensive one-week course on campus during PSU Summer Session and resulted in a high number of educational administration certificates. Lind had three large cadres of administrators in three summers and managed cohorts in Rainier, Hood River, Salem, Beaverton, Tigard, and Gresham.

In 1974, the acting dean, E. Dean Anderson, appointed Lind to chair a committee to develop a doctoral program in Community College Education (now the Postsecondary Education specialization within the EdD). The assumption was that filling the need in Oregon for such a program—which neither University of Oregon nor Oregon State University offered—would encourage the state system to finally grant the GSE a stand-alone doctoral program. It worked.

“Jack Lind was a key faculty member in our educational administration program and in the development of the doctoral program,” said retired Associate Dean Ulrich Hardt. “He was a very popular teacher, taught large classes, advised a huge number of students, and mentored many grateful candidates through their doctoral dissertations. He was a deeply caring and gentle person.”

Lind’s legacy is a solid successful educational administration program that influences the entire state of Oregon and beyond. He not only served as a department chair but also taught hundreds of students who have become successful school leaders.

Lind will be missed by his wife of 57 years, Marilyn; children Kirsten, Eric, and Norman; and six grandchildren.


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