GSE student survives earthquake in Nepal

Jeremiah O'Sullivan Half a world away in Nepal, a PSU Library Media student is dealing with the unimaginable—a devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake. Jeremiah O’Sullivan and his family are safe after spending the night in a field near their school and enduring dozens of frightening aftershocks. He is the school librarian and his wife is the school counselor at Lincoln School, a K-12 international school in Kathmandu. O’Sullivan is taking coursework in PSU’s fully online Library Media Endorsement program.

In a quick note to his GSE advisor, David Bullock, we’ve learned that the couple and their two boys are safe, and along with the rest of their community, are starting to deal with the aftermath of the event, a sobering reminder of what earthquakes can do. Here’s his first-hand account, which includes an opportunity for people to help if they wish.


Hi Dave,

Thanks for thinking of us. It’s been a rough few days, but we’re definitely some of the lucky ones. The initial earthquake was the worst experience of my life, especially since I was up at school and my wife, three and a half-year-old daughter, and 18 month-old son were at home. I waited a few minutes and ran the 5 minutes home, passing fallen walls and a few buildings. We’re still waiting to hear from all 250 students, but we do know that a couple of extended family members of the Nepali students didn’t survive the initial quake. My wife is the counselor, so she’ll be busy when we resume school, which is expected to be next week some time. I’ve been on a few walks and, as you’ve probably seen, the destruction is terrible. I can’t even imagine how many more small villages have been wiped out that we don’t even know about.

If anyone is looking for a place to donate money, please direct them to which is our school webpage. Along the left, you’ll see the Lincoln School Kathmandu Earthquake Relief Fund heading and the Paypal account donation link. 100% of the funds raised through this account will be donated directly to local organizations we trust and know that are in need. I know there are plenty of organizations out there that are collecting money, but I know for a fact that our school will be giving 100% of the donations to those that need it most. 

We just arrived back at our house for the first time after spending 3 nights in the field at school. It’s been about 14 hours since the last aftershock and we’re all hoping this is over. Again, thanks for taking the time to email me and thinking about us.

Jeremiah (Allison, Tegan, and Liam)

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