New Hittle Endowed Scholarship supports math and science teacher education

HittlesBecause they understand the value of a solid foundation in math and science and know how important teachers are in providing it, Betty and Larry Hittle have established a new endowed scholarship. The Betty and Larry Hittle Endowed Scholarship will provide annual support, in perpetuity, for math and science teacher candidates in the Graduate School of Education.

Betty Hittle graduated from Portland State University with a BS in education in 1969 and earned an MAT from Lewis & Clark College in 1970. She also pursued further graduate work at PSU. She taught seventh grade for six years, then took a sabbatical to teach talented and gifted (TAG) science classes at OMSI. During that time, she also designed lessons and science kits for teachers, demonstrated use of the kits onsite in schools to teachers and principals, and also offered professional development workshops. Betty returned to Portland Public Schools and taught at Multnomah and Capitol Hill Schools, then transferred to Beaumont Middle School, where she taught science and math to seventh graders, marine biology to TAG students, and geography classes to teachers for the National Geographic Society. She retired in 1991, and taught classes as a volunteer for the Audubon Society of Portland.

Larry Hittle is a retired electrical engineer and attorney. He earned a BS in Electrical Engineering from Washington State University in 1954 and a law degree from Lewis & Clark College. His career centered on the electric power system of the Pacific Northwest, where he advised utilities in the region and Alaska. As a principal negotiator and author of the Pacific Northwest Planning and Conservation Act, he spent five years in Washington, DC, working with the NW congressional delegation, including Senators Henry “Scoop” Jackson (WA) and Mark Hatfield (OR). The Act benefited conservation and wildlife programs in the northwest. In 1980, he left Bonneville Power Administration to join the Portland-based law firm of Lindsay Hart, and later, Ater Wynn Attorneys at Law, where he worked until his retirement.

“Math and science are foundational pieces of education; a solid understanding is necessary for all students, regardless of the career path they choose,” said Betty. “We think that it is important to support teacher candidates who want to teach these subjects, as they will impact so many students during their careers, providing them with the basis of knowledge that they can build on, which they will need for successful futures.”

You can join the Hittles in supporting aspiring educators in the Graduate School of Education. To discuss options, please contact Jaymee Jacoby, GSE director of development, at 503-725-4789 or, or make a gift today.

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