GSE’s Jim Carlile collects national leadership award

CarlileThe University Council for Educational Administration (UCEA) has selected GSE adjunct faculty member, Jim Carlile, for an 2014 Excellence in Educational Leadership Award. He currently serves as assistant superintendent in the Oregon Department of Education Office of Instruction, Standards, Assessment, and Accountability, reporting directly to Deputy Superintendent Rob Saxton.

Mr. Carlile is a well-regarded Oregon school administrator and teaches in the GSE’s continuing administrator licensure program. Since 1959, he has worked as a teacher, principal, superintendent, mentor, and project leader in numerous schools and districts across the state. He also served as the director of the PSU Center for Student Success, and in that capacity was positioned to provide the first third-party evaluation services for Oregon’s charter schools.

Mr. Carlile is recognized by UCEA for his considerable body of work and extensive contributions to the field of education. For over 50 years he has worked tirelessly to improve administrator-K-12 education. Countless K-12 students, higher education students, and colleagues credit their professional success to his leadership, example, and mentoring. Since serving as an administrator in residence in 1987-88, Mr. Carlile has focused his attention at PSU on administrator training. Not only has he taught many courses in the continuing administrator licensure program, but he co-developed the initial superintendent licensure program, and a year-long course for those interested in the high school principalship. He holds the highest standards in his work and is a valuable resource to Oregon educators.

“The administrator licensure programs at Portland State University are known for rigor and relevance, in part because of Mr. Carlile’s significant, long-term contributions to curriculum and instruction and support of students,” says Randy Hitz, dean of the Graduate School of Education. “We are grateful for his experience as a practitioner, his focus on problem-based learning, his knowledge of current research, and his willingness to guide both experienced and emerging professionals.”

Mr. Carlile’s unique depth of experience has made him a valuable resource to schools and districts who find themselves in unforeseen circumstances. While many of his peers have retired, he remains committed to his work and has stepped up wherever needed to provide a stable and calming presence in difficult situations. In a twist of irony, he was twice hired by his former student, Superintendent Rob Saxton, to fill unforeseen vacancies until a search could be organized. Superintendent Saxton says,

“I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Jim Carlile for many years. Jim is not only a lifelong educator, but also a lifelong learner who has consistently modeled the passion, dedication, and focus on continuous improvement that are the hallmarks of a great educator. Throughout his long and distinguished career, Jim has worked to stay abreast of the latest educational research and developments, always looking for ways to improve what we offer to kids. He cares deeply about students and their learning and has placed his focus on ensuring that teaching and classroom instruction is of the highest quality and that we are providing each and every student with the best possible start to life.  He has been–and continues to be–an inspiring example to me and many others in this profession and I can’t think of anyone more deserving of this honor.”

UCEA is a consortium of higher education institutions that works to advance the field of education administrators. The Excellence in Educational Leadership Award is an annual recognition for practicing school administrators who have made significant contributions to the improvement of administrator preparation. The award will be reported in the next issue of UCEA Review and he will be acknowledged at the National Conference in Washington, DC, in November, 2014.

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