Reynolds High School gun violence too close to home

The faculty, staff, and students of the GSE are saddened and dismayed at the most recent school shooting in the Reynolds School District. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the students, teachers, administrators, and the Reynolds community who will now need to spend time and energy making sense out of an entirely senseless act. We are struggling as a community and as a country to understand such acts of violence, but we do understand and admire the competent, loving, and heroic way that education professionals deal with the violence to protect our children.  We grieve for Emilio Hoffman and the many other young people across America who have lost their lives, but we are thankful for teachers and other professionals like GSE alum and Reynolds teacher, Todd Rispler, who risk their lives for their students and work every day to educate them in stimulating and safe environments. It is our fervent hope for the future, that a solution to end gun violence can be found so that our schools can be safer brighter places for all children to learn and grow.


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