Announcing the 2012-13 Graduate School of Education Annual Report

Mast Light the Future

The Graduate School of Education has three major responsibilities: To prepare great educators and counselors, to add to the knowledge base, and to provide service to the professional community.

As the GSE prepares for the 2013-14 school year, it is important to reflect on the accomplishments of the past year. In this edition of the GSE Annual Report, we’ve included news about students, alumni, faculty, and friends.

Learn about our four alumni who have won statewide awards for being exceptional school administrators. Along with a statewide librarian of the year winner and a national teacher winner, these people represent some of the best of the GSE alumni community.

GSE students are achieving important goals as well. Read more about our largest class of doctoral graduates to ever cross the stage at spring academic hooding ceremonies. Take a look at some of the innovative projects students are working on, such as the new iPad Initiative to expand technology research in classrooms.

And while GSE graduates, current students, and faculty are out doing important work, many of our faculty and friends are making sure current students have the help they need to succeed. Did you know that fundraising revenue for the fiscal year was over $500,000? Compared to the previous year, it more than doubled. At the same time 48 families gave over $500 to the GSE. We are particularly proud of the large number of staff and faculty who give generously to our school. Two new major gifts are helping students with new scholarships.

With that and many other stories on partnerships and program accomplishments, it’s been quite a year!

2012-13 GSE Annual Report

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