Visiting Laotian professor builds bridges

Professor Somchith, a visiting professor from Laos, gave a presentation Oct. 12, to GSE faculty and students entitled ‘Souksavath College and Laotian Education and Culture.’ He is a professor of economics at the National University of Laos, the largest university in that country with an enrollment of over 26,000 students. He also serves as president of a small private Laotian college, called Souksavath. The college offers bachelor’s degrees to approximately 1,000 students.

He was introduced to the GSE by Professor Yer Thao, a faculty member in Curriculum and Instruction, who met Professor Somchith last year in Laos.

Professor Somchith’s talk focused on the Laotian education system. He is hoping to begin talks about partnership programs that would enable bachelor’s graduates from his country to eventually access graduate degree programs from Portland State University. “I would like to be the bridge for PSU and my college,” he says.

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