Educators honored at the State of the School

Two GSE colleagues were honored with Community Impact awards at the 2012 State of the School event.

Deanna Draper retired this year as an instructor in the GSE’s Library Media program. She has taught and/or served as the advisor in the PSU library media program for the last 29 years. After graduating college, she began teaching French at her hometown high school in Freeport, Texas. She moved to Westchester, New York, where she also taught French, moved to Oregon and raised two daughters and worked in the Beaverton School District as a teacher, school librarian and administrator for 22 years. She retired from Beaverton, but continued to work part-time for PSU and the Beaverton Library. Her teaching career spans 51 years!

Ms. Draper has been on the board of Oregon Association of School Libraries (OASL) off and on for over 20 years, serving in a variety of positions. She was also a board member of  Northwest Council for Computer Educators (NCCE), including serving as the president. She served on the Oregon State Library LSTA committee (Federal Library Grants) and with the Oregon Library Association on its legislative committee. She also worked on the OASL committee that presented the revised library media competencies to Oregon’s Teacher Standards and Practices Commission (TSPC).

Library Media Instructor Dave Bullock says, “Many of the people who are currently leaders in the field of library media are graduates of our program and are a direct result of the support and encouragement that Deanna has provided over the years.”

Algie Gatewood is president of PCC Cascade Campus and a GSE advisory board member and chair. He is a valued partner to the GSE, serving to advance educational opportunities for minorities and underrepresented groups.

Prior to his appointment at Portland Community College, he was the Director of Health, Education and Welfare and assistant director of the North Carolina State Education Assistance Authority, under the jurisdiction of the University of North Carolina system from 1997 to 2004.

In addition to serving as president of the PCC Cascade campus, Dr. Gatewood has served on the Urban League board of directors, the Open Meadows board of directors, and the Portland Community Reinvestment Initiative board.

Dr. Gatewood is a strong supporter of the long-standing Portland Teachers Program, a program designed to recruit and prepare a diverse teaching force. Without his leadership and support, this important program could not thrive.

About the GSE Community Impact Awards
The Community Impact Awards were initiated in 2010, to recognize outstanding members of the PSU community who embody the values of the Graduate School of Education: Diversity and inclusiveness, research-based practices, evidence-informed decision making, and impact on learning and development.

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