Graduate School of Education 2011-12 Annual Report

What’s happening in the GSE? Find out in this year’s edition of the GSE Annual Report.

Our GSE alumni have earned many accolades this year. GSE alumni were well represented in a variety of professional association, state, and national teacher recognition programs, including by the Department of Defense and the Department of Special Education. For example, a GSE alum received the elementary, middle, and high school administrator of the year awarded by COSA.

GSE programs are also being recognized for their excellence. One of the newer programs, the American Indian Urban Teacher Program (AIUTP), has graduated its fourth graduates. Although a small number of graduates, the program is creating a significant increase in the representation of Native Americans teaching in Oregon’s schools.

In 2012, PSU awarded diplomas to 6,165 students at commencement ceremonies at the Rose Garden and on the Park Blocks. Only three students university-wide were selected as commencement speakers this year, and all three were from GSE programs. Read more about these amazing students in this year’s annual report.

Don’t miss the 2012 issue, which includes outstanding alumni, programs, faculty, staff, donors, and students.

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