PACE student selected as PSU summer commencement speaker

GSE students have dominated the podium at PSU graduations this year. Emily Coleman, MS (VIL), and Jacob Sherman, MS (LSE), were chosen for this year’s spring ceremony held at the Rose Garden in June. Now add Debra Kidney to this year’s list of outstanding Portland State GSE graduates.

Debra Kidney, BA ’84, an Educational Leadership master’s graduate, was one of two students tapped to speak to the 700 students and their families and friends attending PSU’s summer commencement ceremony, Saturday, August 18, 2012—the last graduation ceremony PSU will hold in the Park Blocks. Ms. Kidney specialized in the Postsecondary, Adult, and Continuing Education (PACE) program and completed the Training and Development program in Continuing Education.

“Debra’s dedication to empowering adult learners and her passion toward workplace learning has been evident in her academic commitment in both the PACE master’s degree and the Training & Development programs,” said Program Manager Toni Plato. “Her positive personality, professional experience and education from the GSE all contribute to her ability to inspire adults to keep learning a lifetime priority. We are very proud of her.”

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