GSE welcomes a new early childhood career development center

As of July 1, 2012, the Graduate School of Education has become the new home for the Oregon Center for Career Development in Childhood Care and Education (OCCD).

“The work of the OCCD fits very well within the mission of the GSE and we are very excited about adding this great group of professionals to the School,” said Dean Randy Hitz.

The OCCD is a team of 22 people dedicated to using professional development to improve the quality of Oregon’s early childhood education and afterschool services for children birth through 12 years of age. Professional development is guided by the Core Body of Knowledge, a set of expectations describing what Oregon’s early childhood educators and afterschool care providers, including those working with children with disabilities and English learners, should know and practice in their work. It sets the basis for all components of the professional development system and the programs administered by OCCD.

OCCD initially came to PSU in 1996 from the Office of Community College Services in Salem where it was first established in 1993. OCCD was envisioned as part of a larger plan to provide comprehensive professional development infrastructure to support Oregon’s early education and school age care professionals and to increase the professionalism of the field. OCCD has contracts with the Oregon Child Care Division, the Department of Human Services, and the Oregon Community Foundation to administer the following statewide programs:

  • The Oregon Registry: Pathways to Professional Recognition in Childhood Care and Education is a statewide program which documents and recognizes the professional achievements of people who work in childhood care and education. It is comprised of twelve steps that represent increased hours of professional development across the knowledge categories identified in the Core Body of Knowledge. The Oregon Registry recognizes three pathways: a degree or certificate pathway, a college course credit pathway, and a community based training pathway. Currently there are over 20,000 professionals listed in the Oregon Registry.
    • The Oregon Registry Online (ORO) component is an expanded statewide database that stores all submitted training and education, and verifies it for system use, such as CCD licensing needs and the DHS Enhanced Rate Program. It produces a professional development summary for each person who has an account. This online component includes a Training Calendar and eventually will provide close to 80,000 participants online access to their professional development accounts.
    • The Education Award Program provides a financial incentive which acknowledges providers for educational achievements and encourages continued education. The award amount is based on the professional development milestone achieved. Since the program began in 2009, over $1,234,200 has been distributed to professionals who have achieved a Step 3 or higher on the Oregon Registry.
    • The Enhanced Rate Program documents specific training and education requirements for interested providers who care for Department of Human Services (DHS) assisted families. DHS assists low-income parents in paying for child care.
  • The Oregon Registry Credential Program is a state approved credentialing program that recognizes a professional’s specialized knowledge, skills, and achievements in order to improve the quality of services and thereby increase positive outcomes for children and families. Candidates must meet specific educational and experiential criteria and document this in portfolio format.
  • The Oregon Registry Trainer Program offers voluntary certification for all trainers and adult educators in the childhood care and education profession. The Oregon Registry Trainer Program also supports trainers and adult educators as they enhance their adult education knowledge and skills, and develop training sessions. Currently the Trainer Program supports close to 600 trainers across Oregon and 21 standardized curricula.
  • The Statewide Scholarship Program provides support for training and education for providers working in family child care, center child care, Head Start, and before/after school programs through the Oregon Community Foundation Betty Gray Endowment Fund.

If you would like to learn more about the Oregon Center for Career Development in Childhood Care and Education, visit the website at OCCD staff welcomes visitors and will continue to be housed on the third floor of the University Center Building, 527 SW Hall Street, Portland.

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