Oregon teacher and PSU alumna wins national recognition

Stephanie Imig, GTEP, ’07, has been named the 2012 Oregon American Pioneer in Teaching Award winner by the National Coalition for Public School Options and has also been national runner-up via an online voting system much like American Idol. That’s only fitting since Ms. Imig works at the state’s largest online school, Oregon Connections Academy.

She has been teaching at Oregon Connections Academy, an online charter school in Scio, Oregon, for five years, and currently teaches 12th grade.

Faculty members had high expectations for her. “She demonstrated exemplary skills and expertise at this very early stage of her professional development, and served as a critical role-model for other members of the cohort group,” said Linda Jessell, her GTEP cohort leader and the director of the Center for Student Success. “Although she was offered a full-time teaching position at a local high school upon completion of her program, she chose a more nontraditional pathway and joined an online high school program. Not surprisingly, she has flourished in this setting and continues to excel in her chosen career.”

The American Pioneer in Teaching Award recognizes “top performing elementary and secondary teachers who work in public schools of choice, such as online and charter schools.” Ms. Imig gets high marks from her students and their parents, who voted for her in the online system. She attributes her success to strong leadership from faculty in her GTEP cohort. “I really got to know her [Linda Jessell, cohort leader] as an instructor,” says Ms. Imig. “She brought incredible experience to her position, and was the perfect guide for our journey. She modeled through her own work and demeanor that the best teachers never stop learning. She was a tremendous support while I was at PSU, and continues to be so years later!”

Congratulations to Stephanie.

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