2012 GSE Faculty Scholarship Series—Volume I

Lisa Aasheim announces a new book on clinical supervision

A valuable resource for counseling supervisors is now available from Professor Lisa Aasheim. Practical clinical supervision for counselors: An experiential guide, (2011, New York: Springer Publishing), was released in October.

Dr. Aasheim was particularly interested in gathering information that would bridge the gap between theories and ideas about clinical supervision and the actual practice of clinical supervision. She shares these results in a new book that will assist clinical supervisors across several helping disciplines. “Few aspects of the mental health profession are as illogical, inherently risky, and anxiety-provoking as clinical supervision,” she says.

Dr. Aasheim casts a wide net across the field of counseling supervision based on her own experiences, insight, and a depth of research she undertook when she became intrigued on the subject several years ago. She realized early that few resources around counseling supervision exist. As the counseling field grows and changes and as government regulations and societal expectations emerge, this book will continue to become a valued resource for those wishing to engage in optimally competent clinical practice.

The new book covers topics including: identifying models of supervision, building relationships, creativity in supervision, supervision phenomena, multicultural competence, developing a supervision style, conflict in supervision, and legal and ethical issues.

She credits her initial inspiration for the book to colleagues like Dr. Russell Miars, a professor who planted the “supervision seeds” many years ago.

Dr. Aasheim is hoping the book will be a significant tool for supervisors who will be better able to support their counselors, and subsequently, thousands of clients.

Dr. Aasheim is the director of the Community Counseling Clinic at Portland State University and coordinates the School Counseling Master’s Program. Additionally, she teaches the state-mandated 30-hour clinical supervision courses and supervision workshops through Continuing Education at Portland State University.

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