2012-13 Scholarships

GSE Scholarships help many futures

Philanthropic support for the GSE totaled over $534,000 in 2012-13, 85% of which is committed to student support. This year, we awarded 46 scholarships, totaling about $105,000, to support future teachers and counselors.

The impact of your support

Scholarships provide important support, not only for the student recipients, but for the many individuals who these students will impact throughout their careers.

In the words of one GSE scholarship recipient, “My career goals are to use my experience to help others overcome obstacles and setbacks. To let others know that where you start is not where you have to end up. 

Thank you for your generous support of GSE students!

2013-14 Scholarship Awards

  • Ames Scholars in the Graduate School of Education – Nicholas Braun and Aimeera Flint
  • Art Terry Scholars’ Fund – Deborah Crawford
  • Benenson Scholarship – Deborah Crawford
  • Capps Family Scholarship – Katherine Carpenter and Theresa Just
  • Culturally Responsive Mathematics Education Scholarship – Joann Musa
  • David and Wilma Cox Science Education Scholarship – Rebecca Hoffenberg
  • Eleanor Hardt Memorial Endowed Scholarship in Teacher Education   Payout – Joceline Moffitt
  • Founders Endowment in Special Education Scholarship – Maggie Callery
  • Friends of the Graduate School of Education Scholarship – Erick Castilo, Joceline Moffitt, Joann Musa and Carla Over
  • Gayle Thieman Scholarship – Forest Menke-Thielman
  • Gilles Scholarship Endowment – Sang Lee
  • Graduate School of Education Scholarship – Kristin Murray, Kaity Nelson, Sharon Pill-Kahan and Li Xiang
  • Janette Drew Endowed Scholarship – Hannah Kingrey, Laura Kurtz, Flor Medina-Torres, Camilla Morrison and Christina Schull
  • Larson Scholarship Endowment – Tenzin Yangchen
  • Marilyn DeVault Scholarship – Chelsea Newton
  • Marta and Ken Thrasher Scholarshi – Lauren Pifer and Marissa Smith
  • Mary E. York Scholarship for Early Childhood Education – Katherine Carpenter
  • McBride Scholarship – Amos Dunlap
  • Michael and Marjorie Fiasca Endowed Scholarship – Rebecca Hoffenberg
  • Renaissance Foundation Graduate School of Education Scholarship – Erick Castillo, Ashley Franko, Theresa Just, Flor Medina-Torres, Kristin Murray, Chelsea Newton, Carla Over and Nelly Patino-Cabrera
  • Sandy Kaplan Endowed Scholarship
  • Saul J. Berch Scholarship – Kevin James
  • School Leadership Scholarship-Graduate School of Education – Erasmo Ruis-Gonzalez
  • Sheldon Maron Endowed Scholarship Payout – Thea Appleton
  • Special Education Scholarship – Marissa Smith

Alphabetical list of 2013-14 Scholarship Recipients

  • Thea Appleton
  • Nicholas  Braun
  • Maggie Callery
  • Katherine Carpenter
  • Erick Castillo
  • Deborah Crawford
  • Amos Dunlap
  • Aimeera Flint
  • Ashley Franko
  • Rebecca Hoffenberg
  • Kevin James
  • Theresa Just
  • Hannah Kingrey
  • Laura Kurtz
  • Sang Lee
  • Flor Medina-Torres
  • Forest Menke-Thielman
  • Joceline Moffitt
  • Camilla Morrison
  • Kristin Murray
  • Joann Musa
  • Mary (Kaity) Nelson
  • Chelsea Newton
  • Carla Over
  • Nelly Patino-Cabrera
  • Lauren Pifer
  • Sharon Pill-Kahan
  • Erasmo Ruis-Gonzalez
  • Christina Schull
  • Marissa  Smith
  • Li Xiang
  • Tenzin Yangchen