Lessons From The Real World airing on OPB this Friday

Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB) will air Lessons From The Real World on Friday, May 6, at 11:00pm.

Lessons From The Real World, by filmmaker Robert Gliner, takes on negative perceptions about our schools and features successful innovative lessons conducted by Oregon educators at eight Metro-area schools.

Gliner’s answer to the recent documentary, Waiting for Superman, puts a positive spin on education practices that feature students working on projects outside the school in their community. “Learning to read, do math and other subjects will come if students care about what they are learning, rather than drilling them with subject matter largely divorced from their real lives,” he says.

Schools featured in the 58-minute film include Trillium Charter School, Sunnyside Environmental School, Jefferson High School, Marshall Campus, Roosevelt High School, Atkinson Elementary, Sojourner in North Clackamas, Portland YouthBuilders, and Portland State University.

View episode broadcast schedule

About Robert Gliner
Robert Gliner, PhD, is an award-winning documentary producer with more than 30 projects to his credit. His films have appeared on PBS stations throughout the United States and have also been viewed in a wide variety of university and public school settings, and nonprofit organizations. His primary focus is social justice both inside the United States and throughout the world. He has filmed in Russia, Macedonia, Viet Nam, India, Tanzania, Israel, Ecuador, and Cuba. He is involved in all aspects of the production process from initial stages of research to filming and editing. He is an emeritus professor of sociology at San Jose State University in California.

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