2009-10 Annual report

GSE news

Message from the dean

If we are to maintain and improve our standard of living, we must do a better job preparing our children and young people for work and for healthy productive living. That means better education for all children and serious leadership for change. MORE

GSE earns NCATE accreditation for fifty-first consecutive year

So you’ve considered all your options, picked the career of your dreams, found the program that meets your goals, lined up financial aid, taken all the prerequisites and tests and applied to the school. But wait, how do you know your program is going to be really good? MORE

Thirty-nine GSE students earned scholarships awarded through private gifts totaling $79,500. An additional twenty-two competitive awards were made from public funds that totaled $33,000 plus tuition support. MORE

The Oregon University System SYLFF Graduate Fellowships for International Research committee has selected Zafreen Jaffery, Graduate School of Education doctoral student, as a 2010 SYLFF Fellow. The fellowship is awarded annually to exceptional students from diverse backgrounds and fields. MORE

GSE students capture top PSU awards

GTEP graduate Kristina Voskes was honored at the PSU 2010 graduation with a Commendation Award for her outstanding academic achievement and service among students. PACE master’s graduate, Mark Duyck, was awarded the President’s Award for Community Service for his work with veterans with disabilities. Both graduates are now making their own impact by… MORE

Doctoral graduate specializes in English-language curriculum

Tracing the trajectory of English language as a school subject in the Jordanian public education system provided a rich topic for a doctoral dissertation for recent graduate Suad Alazzam-Alwidyan, an educational linguist from Jordan. Prior to enrolling in the GSE Curriculum and Instruction doctoral program, Dr. Alazzam-Alwidyan attended classes… MORE

PACE graduate collects top university award

Mr. Duyck is a graduate of the Postsecondary, Adult and Continuing Education master’s program (PACE) and earned both PACE graduate certificates, Teaching Adult Learners and Student Affairs. He is currently providing assistance to students with disabilities at Chemeketa Community College in Salem and works… MORE

GSE students devote thousands of hours to the community

Each year, hundreds of GSE students devote thousands of hours to the community. They are not only practicing their skills, but also are helping the most vulnerable citizens in our community. While the largest group (Graduate Teacher Education Program and special education students teachers) is placed in schools, many also intern in social service and government agencies .MORE

Philanthropy in action—planned giving for scholarships and research

In appreciation of the doctorate in educational leadership that she attained at PSU, Gayle Thieman, EdD ’00, associate professor in the GSE, has established two endowments as part of her estate planning. The first endowment will support research to… MORE

PSU alum Stephan Gilchrist gains top post at UW-Extension

Stephan Hiroshi Gilchrist, EdD, ’06, has been chosen as the chief diversity officer and director of the Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion for the University of Wisconsin Extension and University of Wisconsin Colleges… MORE

PSU Executive Leadership program announces new Oregon school administrators

Those who successfully completed the PSU Executive Leadership program have acquired new administrative positions in Oregon school districts. This is a partial list of fall 2010 appointments. Congratulations to all! MORE

Carnegie Scholars begin new study

Why use creative activities in the professional classroom? Two GSE faculty will join a colleague from the School of Business in a new project sponsored by the Carnegie Foundation Leadership Program to study the effectiveness of hands-on creative lessons on student learning. MORE

Counselor ed professor supports foster care alumni

Each year thousands of youth “age out” of the foster care system. At age 18, foster parents no longer receive funding to support them. So what happens next? MORE

Dr. Jason Ranker granted tenure

Dean Randy Hitz recently announced that Dr. Jason Ranker has been promoted by President Wiewel to associate professor with indefinite tenure. MORE

Dr. Kenneth Peterson receives Hoffman award

Professor Ken Peterson is this year’s winner of Portland State University’s George C. Hoffman award for excellence in teaching, scholarship, and service. The Hoffmann Award is given annually to a PSU faculty member in recognition of distinguished contributions to the university in instruction, university service, and scholarship. MORE

Dr. Regina Moreno named assistant professor

The GSE is proud to announce Dr. Regina Moreno has accepted the position of assistant professor in the Department of Special Education. Dr. Moreno is a 2010 graduate of the GSE EdD program and has been a member of the GSE Special Education department for nearly six years, serving as an instructor, adjunct, and fixed-term faculty member. MORE

Try to imagine your first day as a brand-new teacher. You’re fully prepared, you have lots of great ideas, and you’re scared stiff. The Graduate Teacher Education Program final student teaching experience is intended to help familiarize students with the day-to-day classroom environment, but a system can always use improvement. So how can we better support new teacher candidates in their transition to the classroom? MORE

President’s Diversity Award honors Pullen of the GSE

Staff member Lynda Pullen, and three others were honored in a ceremony in Smith Memorial Student Union this week as PSU celebrated the Sixth Annual President’s Diversity Awards. Ms. Pullen was cited for “assisting students from diverse backgrounds in navigating the sometimes bureaucratic, and therefore sometimes difficult systems that they can encounter at the university.” MORE

Professor Tom Chenoweth tapped for US Race to the Top review team

The program’s 49-member review panel included PSU Professor Tom Chenoweth from the Graduate School of Education’s Department of Educational Leadership and Policy. Peer reviewers were selected from distinguished educators, policy makers and scholars throughout the nation and have been quietly working on the high-profile school reform initiative since January. MORE

Department of Special Education welcomes new assistant professor

The GSE is pleased to announce that Dr. Sheldon Loman will be joining the Department of Special Education this fall as an assistant professor. Dr. Loman received his PhD in special education from the University of Oregon, with the focus of his work on instructional practices for people with severe disabilities, educational systems change, and positive behavioral interventions and supports. MORE

Educational Leadership and Policy Department welcomes new assistant professor

Dr. Moti Hara joins the faculty of the Educational Leadership and Policy Department in the Graduate School of Education, after earning his PhD in Advanced Quantitative Methods from UCLA’s Graduate School of Education and Information Studies. His main areas of research interest include the thoughtful and thorough application of advanced statistical methods… MORE

A new graduate certificate was recently approved and is well-situated within the GSE’s master’s degree in Postsecondary, Adult, and Continuing Education (PACE). PSU is a nationally recognized leader in service-learning and community engagement, so the idea of a graduate certificate in service-learning was a logical fit. MORE

The Graduate School of Education is committed to making its programs accessible to students in all areas of the state of Oregon, throughout the region, and nationally. One way we are doing this is by offering an increasing number of programs that offer the flexibility of being partially or entirely online. Distance delivery modes are chosen based on the specific needs of our students, the faculty, and the course content. GSE distance education programs include… MORE

Preschoolers learn three Rs: rescue, recycle, and reuse

On the morning of August 9, 2010, the Curriculum and Instruction Early Childhood master’s specialization, in partnership with the Artists Senior Capstone, hosted a major event with young children celebrating rescued materials called Remida Portland Reuse in the City Park Blocks. Over 200 participants engaged in three provocations… MORE

A new study will begin planning for expansion of Child Development and Family Services on the PSU campus. Helen Gordon Child Development Center Director, Ellie Justice, announced an initiative funded by the PSU Student Building Committee to develop plans to expand capacity on campus to serve more young children and their families. Plans will include… MORE

As part of the GSE’s Counselor Education program, students and staff operate an on-campus community counseling clinic that serves anyone in the community, regardless of income. Students, supervised by professional staff and interns, have the opportunity to practice their skills by interacting with real clients. Each day, the clinic receives from five to 25 calls from community members seeking mental health and other assistance. MORE

The new Cradle to Career Initiative is part of a 10 university/city consortium across the country focused on bringing universities into more positive strategic relationships with the cities they serve. Five goals for the Portland-metro Cradle to Career Initiative have been identified. All students will… MORE

Janet Dougherty-Smith, a GSE alum, is retiring from the Clackamas Education Service District after many years as the Early Childhood/Special Education director. She modeled a relationship-based climate for her staff and is a valued partner to the GSE. MORE

Friends of the GSE

The mission of the Friends group is to support the GSE by building a sense of community and pride through expanding and maintaining connections with alumni and friends. Composed of alumni, retired faculty, and interested community members, the Friends are a non-dues-paying volunteer group that meets four times each year. MORE

Gifts to the GSE 2009-2010

The Graduate School of Education is grateful to all its generous supporters. MORE

New grants this year

Reductions in state-school support funding for the GSE are creating fiscal challenges. Fortunately, our efforts to support research and grant acquisition are succeeding. In fiscal year 2008–2009, GSE faculty submitted 31 proposals, more than twice as many as during the previous year. MORE

Year in review

The GSE nearly doubled in its production of graduates from 1999 to 2009. Since then we have chosen to stabilize enrollment and focus on increasing quality and productivity in other areas, such as research. MORE

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