GSE student receives scholarship at Sister City event

Portland State University student Andy An received the 3rd annual Newcombe Wang Memorial Scholarship at the Portland-Suzhou Sister City Association’s “Evening Under the Stars” gala on May 27 at the Lan Su Chinese Garden.

Mr. An is an international student from China. He is working on a master’s degree in the GSE, and hopes to use his degree to develop better education systems in his country. “I grew up in rural China, where education was/is very primitive. My struggles, my experiences inspired me to do something about the education in rural China,” he says. “I firmly believe something needs to be done, and I can do something.”

Mr. An will use his $500 scholarship toward his a master’s in curriculum and instruction in the GSE. “I was very excited and thrilled, at the same time I was very grateful for that honor,” he says. “Someday when I get old, I want to start a school in rural China. I want to become a qualified educator, a catalyst for progress.”

The Portland-Suzhou Sister City Association supports the long-standing relationship between Portland, Oregon and Suzhou, China that promotes business, education, and cultural exchange programs.

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