PSU alum Stephan Gilchrist gains top post at UW-Extension

Stephan Hiroshi Gilchrist, EdD, ’06, has been chosen as the chief diversity officer and director of the Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion for the University of Wisconsin Extension and University of Wisconsin Colleges effective February 15, 2010. He holds a doctorate of education in educational leadership and a master’s in conflict resolution from Portland State University. He also has a Master of Environmental Leadership from Southern Oregon University and a BA in International Business and Japanese from California State University, Fullerton.

On accepting his appointment, Dr. Gilchrist stated he was drawn to this position because it closely aligned with his own values. “Creating a strong pluralistic democracy where people have the opportunity to participate fully is of the highest importance for the future of our country. The UW-Extension and UW Colleges with their statewide presence offer an excellent opportunity to make a difference in all our lives in these areas of equity, diversity, and inclusion.”

The UW Extension is part of the University of Wisconsin system, serving the entire state with a variety of year-round educational programs. It has four divisions: Continuing Education, Entrepreneurship and Economic Development, Cooperative Extension, and Media Innovations (which includes Wisconsin Public Broadcasting).

Dr. Gilchrist, who has been in Wisconsin less than a year, says, “It is wonderful being part of the University of Wisconsin system and the many opportunities it provides. My doctoral education at Portland State has served me well in my current work as Chief Diversity Officer with UW Colleges and UW Extension.”

He is enthused about new opportunities for community engagement provided at UW Extension and is enjoying settling down in Madison.

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