Training and Development program celebrates 16 Certificate of Completion graduates

Sixteen PSU students received their certificates of completion in the Continuing Education Training and Development (T&D) program at a casual graduation ceremony for students, instructors, family, and friends.

The students received certificates in one or more of the following areas:

Scott Buckley
Melany Budiman
Pamela Henry
Julie Nuse
Beverly Peterson

Management of Training
Mark Dunn
Delores Hankins
Jeffrey Moors
Sharon Padgett
Terry Reich

Multimedia and Web-based Training
Gina Anzaldo
Melany Budiman
Susan Gollihugh
Malerie McCarty
Jeffrey Moors
Bryan Shirota
John Williams

Intercultural Training
Sara Saltzberg

Some are also PACE master’s students, and some work for companies such as Standard or Nike and use this education to better their skills and understanding of adult education and how it relates to training in the workforce.

Also recognized were the first two professionals to become CPLP (Certified Professional in Learning & Performance) certified after taking PSU’s CPLP exam prep course and Work Product Coaching group.  Shelby Gramling and Lucas McQuillan both received this nationally recognized certification through ASTD this spring after completion of the two courses with our CPLP certified instructor, Dan Vetter.

During the graduation event, GSE Dean Randy Hitz stressed the importance of continued education in a world that changes in unpredictable ways over the course of our careers. Several instructors spoke about the individual talents of their students, sharing personal stories that indicated just how close-knit T&D program participants can become.

The evening closed with graduating student comments, where students told story after story of how their courses and instructors influenced their lives, both professionally and personally. In all, the event was a touching acknowledgement of the hard work and collaboration these students put in during their time at PSU.

Contact Toni Plato, Program Manager, at 503-725-4706 or if you would like more information about how to obtain your own Training & Development Certificate!

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