Continued NCATE accreditation announced

President Wim Wiewel, Provost Roy Koch, Dean Randy Hitz, Associate Dean Steve Isaacson, and Associate Dean Cheryl Livneh proudly announce the continued national accreditation of the PSU Graduate School of Education by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE)

Preparation for this year’s application began three years ago when Steve Isaacson was selected to lead the project. An assessment task force, community partners, alumni, candidates, GSE faculty and staff, worked toward collecting the necessary documents and organizing the activities necessary to develop the application.

Accreditation activities culminated in a four-day site visit November 2009 by the NCATE Unit Accreditation Board. The board determined that not only did GSE meet all six standards, the school received special recognition for exceeding those standards in three areas:

  • Modeling best professional practices in scholarship—research start-up grants, faculty productivity, the GSE’s Research Center and new director of research position (Standard 5)
  • Unit leadership and authority—collaboration with P-12 practitioners, clear and consistent recruiting and admission policies and practices, Teacher Education Committee and other advisory bodies (Standard 6)
  • Unit budget—use of self-support dollars to support exemplary teaching, scholarship and service (Standard 6)

We especially thank our school and community partners, alumni, and our candidates for their support and assistance in this accomplishment. With your continued support, we are leading, learning, and life changing.

The Graduate School of Education at Portland State received continuing accreditation at the initial teacher preparation and advanced preparation levels. The GSE has been continuously accredited since 1959.

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